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Thread: CDF and Mondrian Roles

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    Default CDF and Mondrian Roles

    I am actually working on an creation of multiple dashboard pages and I wanted to know the way to use the Cube's Roles in the different CDF components.
    I mean to use the roles that I define in my cubes in the select component for example.
    I have a component that create the list of continent and i have multiple role that can access only certain continents and I would like to restrict this list to the continent available for the user logged in.

    continentSelector =
    name: "continentSelector",
    type: "select",
    parameter: "continent",
    parameters: [],
    valueAsId: true,
    htmlObject: "Select_continent",
    queryType: 'mdx',
    catalog: 'solution:cubes/Product_Fact.xml',
    jndi: "NSADWT",
    query: function(){
    var query = "WITH MEMBER [Measures].[c] as '1' select {[Measures].[c]} ON 0, {[Geography].[Continent].Members} ON 1 from [Product Line Fact]";
    return query;
    executeAtStart: true,

    for the moment this component returns all the continent without restriction. I apply the changes necessary in Pentaho to have it working in the Analyzer Report.
    Thank You!

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    That should have nothing to do with CDF. As long as you have your mondrian role mapper configured correctly it should work
    Pedro Alves
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have the role mapper configure in pentaho-solutions\system\pentahoObjects.spring.xml

    <bean id="Mondrian-UserRoleMapper"
    scope="singleton" />

    It is working fine for the Analyzer Report and the Analysis View....
    For the Dashboard, I still get a full list of continent...
    Is there something that I am missing?

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    After multiple test I found out that the role based security is applied when i run the PRPT Report with CDF.
    I mean, the user can see only the geography that he can access.
    The problem is still the same with the select list where i would love to be able to get only the good continent based on the role defined in the cube...
    Any idea?

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