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    I was wondering if there are any updates coming soon to CDF? In particular I am looking for some additional charting options. We are just starting to develop dashboards and one of our requirements is that they must work on iPhones and iPads. This rules out the OpenFlashChart component and while the jFreeChart component will work it just doesn't have all the options I was looking for. The jFreeChart component also lacks some of the visualizations and animations that most users now expect from their dashboards.

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    CDF is permanently being improved.

    Charting is an issue we're addressing; We're starting to use protovis in our projects and one of the things in the todo list is to build a proper cdf component for it. In the beginning it will be a simple component that allows building pv charts using it's language, maybe more in the future we'll come up with more high-level charting elements

    If you can't stand waiting for this, you can always contact us and with CDI (Customer Driven Improvement) we'll surely do it faster

    If you don't want to wait
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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