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Thread: Page band in BI report view, howto disable it?

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    Default Page band in BI report view, howto disable it?


    I have a report made with PRD 3.6.1 and published to BI.
    In the report (always 1 page) I put some htlm meta tags that refresh the view every 15 minuts.
    Then I start my web brouwser with the following command line.

    "firefox //localhost:8080/pentaho/content/reporting/reportviewer/report.html?solution=Setar&path=&name=signal.prpt"

    This is working perfect, i have running a other task that collect every 15 minuts data and put this in a MySQL database.

    The view will show every time it refreshed the nieuw data.

    My problem is:
    1 - How to supress the page banner on top of the report.
    2 - Kan I made a auto login in the command line or can it by switched off compleet.

    I hope someone can me help me out with this.


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    I figured out a solution by deep surfing the forum.

    Just ad the option " &paginate=false " to the command line and the pageging band is gone.

    Can someone tell me is there is anyware in the world a list of this kind of options??
    The auto login is still a open question.


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