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Thread: How do I show values of a parameter in a message-field?

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    Default How do I show values of a parameter in a message-field?

    Hi All, I've searched the forum for a while and can't seem to find af solution to what I'm trying to do.

    I have created a parameter in 3.6.1 GA using the datepicker display type.

    The datepicker works fine, but I would like to have the selected value shown in a text field, in order to show the date selections on a printed version of the report.

    How do I accomplish that?

    I tried using the message field by doing this:
    "The selected period interval is from $(date_from) to $(date_to)"

    However this doesn't work - apparently this method only works for actual fields. So How do I references the parameters?



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    May be your are making some typo error. Please check the name used in parameter and those you are using in message box .

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    OMG - I must have been temporarily blind - I've mispelled the name of the parameter name - sorry for the inconvinience.

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