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Thread: Copy tables wizard with different schemas

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    Default Copy tables wizard with different schemas


    I'm using the Copy Tables Wizard to copy a set of 447 tables to another database. The tables are spread over two schemas in one MS SQL database. When starting the wizard it shows all tables nicely; the job and the 447 transformations are generated.

    However, the transformations don't work. The read step of every transformation will show a query looking something like 'SELECT * FROM mytable'. The query is missing its schema name. If I alter the query to 'SELECT * FROM myschema.mytable' it works fine. But of course altering 447 transformations manually isn't really what I'm looking for.

    This is particularly strange because the Copy Tables wizard is able to select the tables; they are shown in the dialog. I have tried to use the 'preferred schema name'-variable in the database connection setting, but this variable seems to be ignored.

    Any thoughts?

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    At this time I've upgraded to 4.0.1. In this version the Copy Tables wizard throws an error when generating the transformations. I've reported it in Jira, the number is PDI-4442.

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