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Thread: Table Output Date+Time

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    Default Table Output Date+Time

    Any way to get a Table Output step to write to a date-time field and include the time?

    When I save the date-time with the format: "DD-MMM-YY" it's fine, but when I try to include the time, such as: "DD-MMM-YY HH:MM:SS.sss", I get the (Oracle) error: "ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string". It's as if the table output step hard-codes a format string that does not include the time. So how do I specify a date format string in a Table Output, Insert/Update or Update step?

    This is Kettle 3.2 GA, with an Oracle 10.2 database.


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    In the link,
    it says that "In Oracle, the default date format is generally DD-MON-YYYY. If you try to enter a date value that does not comply with this format, you need to use the to_date function."

    So, may be, you can use Execute sql script step and in the query, you can mention format in the todate function like to_date('13-DEC-2004 6:56 PM', 'dd-mon-yyyy hh:mi PM')
    Well, there should be definetly better ways to do this.

    Spoon version -4.4.0

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    That should work; I'll give it a try. I'll second the sentiment that there should be a better way. Thanks.

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