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Thread: Connection using Windows Authentication Mode for MS-SQL server

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    Default Connection using Windows Authentication Mode for MS-SQL server

    Is there any way to use Windows Authentication mode(Local System Account) for the MS-SQL server so that when we configure a Transformation for SQLServer with we can use the same credentails as of the System Local account for connecting to the MS-SQL server Db.


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    Hi Yogesh,

    I once configured a JDBC Connection with windows-authentication in our program (never tried this within a PDI connection, but it should be the same)
    What I did:
    - download the appropriate JDBC Driver from the Microsoft Homepage (do not use JTDS but the* Driver Class)
    - put the packaged DLL File (ships with the download) into a %PATH% folder (C:\windows\system32 did it for me)
    - use the correct credentials to connect to the SQL Server

    That should be all.
    Attention: When scheduling the transformation, verify, that this schedule is owned by the account which has the permission to connect to the SQL Server.



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    Thank you Tom, for your quick response.
    I will try heading in the same direction and then let you know as well the results of my tests.


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