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Thread: SimbaO2X provider & Excel

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    Default SimbaO2X provider & Excel


    I am trying to connect Excel to Mondrian using SimbaO2X provider.
    Simba was successfully installed but when I try to connect nothing happen

    when I press the "Connexion" button I get nothing


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    Default Trying myself

    I will let you know - I am trying myself and have in an in with some people at Simba. I will let you know what I find.

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    Have you installed the license file for simba o2x? It must be locate in the winnt/system32 folder or equivalent.

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    Worked well for us, although I had to open up the Xmla stuff on the Pentaho platform to bypass the authentication.
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    One possibility for this type of issue with Excel 2003 specifically (which appears to be your version in the screenshot above) is two different versions of the MS .NET framework on your PC.
    The work around for this is described in the ".NET Framework Dependency" section of the improved User Guide just released with SimbaO2X 4.3 here:
    The new user guide has more helpful instructions on installing, on all the various Windows operating system variants, the licence key used with the SimbaO2X evaluation version. And making your first connection with different versions of Excel.
    Note also that Version 4.3 additionally handles 64-bit ODBO, and thus 64-bit Excel 2010. It is also significantly faster on queries returning large numbers of returned cells.

    Hope this helps. Sincerely,
    Russ Tront, Simba Technologies.

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