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Thread: A jasper report ouput plugin , may be useful to jasper developers.

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    Lightbulb A jasper report ouput plugin , may be useful to jasper developers.

    This plugin is what I developed one year ago for a jasper report project.
    now the projcet is finished, so I release this plugin, maybe it 's useful for other jasper&kettle developers.

    This plugin can pick up rows from the previous step and bind data to the Jasper Report Filejrxml file, then generate a HTML/PDF/Excel report by the Jasper Report Engine.

    you can download source here! under GNU LGPL

    (see attachment for user guide)
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    Jason chu
    Beijing Aofei BI Consulting.

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    Hi Jason,

    Some folks have requested for the new "Pentaho Reporting Output" plugin to be available in PDI 4.2.
    However, I see no reason for the "JasperReport Output" to be excluded.
    Would that be something you are interested in too?


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    Most of the reporting in my company is already done with PDI. It beats everything else in flexibility, e. g. generating HTML mails or Excel files. It's also easier to use and schedule than Xactions in the BI server.

    When a "styled" report is necessary, it must be done with kludges like executing a script that uses a command line JasperReports runner.

    I'm currently experimenting with the Pentaho Reporting plugin and would be very glad if a JasperReports plugin was included, too.

    Reporting functionality included in the Kettle core would make it much more useful.



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    I found some limitations but got it to work with a complex report of my company.

    For dates, use only java.util.Date, not java.sql.Date (which would be the case if you developed the report with a SQL query in iReport).

    Errors are only written to the standard output but not displayed in Spoon so if your report ends up as an empty file, check the terminal window which you used to start Spoon.

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    Thanks for coming back to us on these issues balazsb. I'll have to think of a wrapper around this to capture the logging lines to move them over to the PDI logging infrastructure.

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    Default Diff for setting REPORT_LOCALE

    Attached is a small diff file to support setting REPORT_LOCALE as a parameter. (It needs to be added in JasperReports as a java.util.Locale object so specifying it as string is not sufficient.)

    With this patch, one can set the parameter REPORT_LOCALE to a string like de_AT and it will be passed in the right way to the JasperReport output object. This allows reports to show the correct number formatting.
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    Any Update regarding the Jasper Plugin?



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    Where can I download the Jasper Plugin?

    Any advice?



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    Ben, it's in the very first post of this thread.
    Get the source code from the svn link and compile it.
    I don't think there's a "packed" version available somewhere.

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    Thanks renatopb for the advice,

    I have checked the link, but apparently it is not active. If I could dl it, I would´t know how to compile it. It will be nice to have it packed or on a Kettle Release.
    By the way Matt mentioned something about including it in the 4.2 realease. any news?



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