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Thread: Get the Latest Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) SVN Snapshot Builds

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    Thumbs up Get the Latest Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) SVN Snapshot Builds

    If any community users of Pentaho Data Integration are interested in getting the latest development versions of PDI from SVN - I've set up daily automated builds of the latest snapshots from SVN - and you can download them from my blog.

    Why would you download an SVN snapshot build of PDI instead of the official builds from SourceForge?

    • You want the latest version - to get the latest features in PDI (e.g. in version 4.1.0 trunk).
    • You want a more stable version – PDI point releases (e.g. 4.0.1) include important bug fixes (see JIRA).
    • You need a bug fixed – You’re struggling with a critical bug which has been fixed in a more recent version.
    • To save time – You haven’t got the time and/or inclination to learn about how to download PDI from SVN and build your own version.

    The builds are compiled into zip files which work on Mac, Linux and Windows.

    You can download them here:

    But remember -the latest development versions could contain new bugs as they have not been through a full release cycle. So choose your version carefully!

    I hope these downloads are helpful for people!

    Get the latest snapshot Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) builds from SVN on my blog!

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    Great work Tony,

    saves me some of the repetitive typing I used to do



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    Please remember that you can get nightly builds from Hudson as well:

    Usually, this includes the current trunk only therefore your links Tony are quite useful.


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    That's brilliant Tony!
    Thanks you very much.


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    Thanks for the kind words guys - setting up those automated daily builds took some time, but I think it was worth it...I think people could benefit from getting the latest build versions.

    For example, I think those people still using v3.2 could benefit from moving to v3.2.5 which contains back ported bug fixes.

    And those using v4.0.0-stable from SourceForge would probably be better off using v4.0.1 or even a recent build of v4.0.2 which fix a number of important bugs. For me, the Filter Rows bug in v4.0.0 and Switch/Case bug in v.4.0.1 both caused me some problems, so I'm mainly working with v4.0.2.

    I think there is a balance between using the latest "offical" version and getting a version which fixes more recently discovered bugs.

    Also - I think the nightly Hudson trunk builds do not have the executable permissions set so that they work out of the box on Mac & Linux - but I've made sure that my builds set these permissions correctly.
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    Get the latest snapshot Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) builds from SVN on my blog!

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