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Thread: Data integration with my web project

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    Question Data integration with my web project

    hi i m new to pentaho---i have to use import different files like dbase, excel etc to my web application ----or mysql database ---can any one guide me how to do this---or please tell me some document regarding this---

    is it possible with pentaho

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    Yes it's possible. You can :

    (1) Download the tool here :

    (2) Read the "Getting Started" online docs here :

    (3) Buy the beginners book here :

    The forum is a great asset once you have a specific problem or need. It doesn't sound like you're at that stage yet. Good luck.


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    Hey actually i want to do it programmatically..
    i want to do it through my own controller(java).please be specific and send some document so what i can get a detail idea...
    my requirements
    1.i want to import files in different format to my own database using my controller class
    2.convert those files into my own requirement format file.

    kindly reply with some specified document...

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    Go here and scroll to the bottom for the code. Note that for Kettle 4, StepLoader.init should be KettleEnvironment.init.

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