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Thread: Transformation guidence - Excell Input

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    Default Transformation guidence - Excell Input

    I have a problem I cant quite figure out. I have a spreadsheet that has the following where group a/b/c can have any number of rows and vary at different times of the day. The "Keywords" group a, group b, group c will not change


    group a
    group b
    group c

    group a , level1
    group a , level2
    group a , level3
    group b , level1
    group b , level2
    group c, level1

    Somehow I need to figure out how to insert group a in a new colume until it hits group b, then onto group c, ect... If I knew that the amount of rows would never change I could use a add sequence and compare numbers but due to the conditions that wont work either. Currently using 3.2 but have the potential to upgrade to 4.0 is it is the only solution. I was looking at the ANALYTIC QUERY option but since the amount of rows can change I dont think I can do the leading/trailing option as this could be dynamic. I basically am looking for a while loop until cell value = x or y or z (only about 20 groups)

    **Note I have Zero experience with javascript as I suspect most solutions will need that so any help is appreciated
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    Default Example

    Hi there,

    the attached sample should do it. The following articles might get you up to speed with JS and Kettle


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