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Thread: How can I make it?

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    Default How can I make it?

    I'm new to kettle.
    My scenario is:
    1.get filenames from a folder order by time.
    2.get one file from the filenames result. the file.
    4.import the data of the file to db.
    5.move the file to the backup dir.
    6.end loop.

    I can code it easily. How does the kettle make it?

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    Hi there,

    Since you're just starting with kettle, this post may also apply to you:

    After looking at the docs it may be useful to have a look at the examples in the samples folder that comes with Kettle

    As for the specific scenario, I think a common approach would be to build a job that fetches the files (maybe using a short transformation for that) and passes them to a transformation that does the db import. After the db-import transformation is finished the job would move the file to a backup location.



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