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Thread: pentaho data integration

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    Red face pentaho data integration

    hi i m new to pentaho---i want to integrate it with my web application ---

    i know that --Pentaho Data Integration provides execution based on a graphical drag-and-drop design----

    but i dont want to use graphical drag and drop design in my application but want to use data integration ---
    is there any way of implementing this----
    can i include some lib jar---or tool in my class path ---can u provide some example for that-----


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    Yes. you can use the JAR files and directly "run" any transformation programmatically or through scripting (like calling Kitchen/Pan). You still have to use UI to build the job although even that you can do programmatically with some effort.

    from your web application, you can either call an API to send the job to Carte server or you can run the job in the process space of web application (servlet engine) by calling PDI jobs execution directly.

    Check out the developer section of the

    I am sure Matt's book will have lots of examples on this as well, buy that too.

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    can u give me some example or documents to use pentaho with my web applicaton (java based)---i dont want to use spoon to run my applicaton ---

    i just want to use

    1 some pentahoo libraries

    2 my own jsp where i can give browse button to read file

    3 my controller ---on which i can write the code of transformation or extraction and can keep the data on my database or ---files

    pls also tell me which lib(jars )to use ---

    and document----

    or some example---

    i shall be thankful to you
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    Go here and scroll to the bottom for the code. Note that for Kettle 4, StepLoader.init should be KettleEnvironment.init.

    You need all jars from Kettle's lib and libext folders, recursively. I use a Python script to build the classpath dynamically. It looks like this.

    for folder, subFolders, files in os.walk(lib_folder):
    libraries += [path.join(folder, file) for file in files]

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