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Thread: "get rows from result" in sub job not working

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    Default "get rows from result" in sub job not working

    Dear all,

    I urgently need your help on the below issue as we are stuck on this design decision.

    Is it possible to use "copy rows to result" from a transformation and "get rows from result" in the following sub job?

    I have the below example as a test:

    __|- Start
    __|- Transformation 1 ( get filenames to load => copy rows to result )
    __|- JOB2 ( execute for every input row - i.e every filename )
    _____|- Start
    _____|- Transformation 2 ( Copy the filename from transformation1 above into another text file)

    I have made sure none of the steps have "Clear list of result rows before execution" tick box ticked. But it still soesn't work for me. The "copy rows" is doing it's job but "get rows" is not receiving any rows.

    The following fourm link suggested it should work (but doesn't work for me):

    I have also attached my jobs/transformations here.

    Your quick reaponse is really appreciated.

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    Hi Kirti,

    yes, this is possible. Take a look at the samples folder
    samples\jobs\process all tables
    and start with the Process all tables.kjb

    Another sample is in the PDI2000C training class in the labs (I assume you have them):
    pentahotraining\labs\PDI2000.0013L Advanced Job Concepts
    have a look at
    Process all files.kjb

    that is exact your usecase and I just verified it is still working :-)


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    this is broken in 4.0.0 though. So either use 3.2 or 4.0.1 ...

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    Thanks Jens and codek, its working in 4.0.1. I was using 4.0.0.

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