Hi everyone!

We contributed a patch to the Apache Hive project about a week and a half ago.
Today we will be resubmitting after responding to reviewer comments.

For those interested the rest of this message describes the process we have developed
to provide a JDBC driver for the beta program and to facilitate contribution to the
Apache Hive project.

If you are interested in version control, please read on.


Our subversion repository contains the following:


Traversing down the tree:

/0.5.0 <- our changes are applied here
/trunk <- ....and here
/vendor <- This is vendor supplied code and is not modified

Our changes as the result of sprint tasks are applied to


The current release of Hive is 0.5.0. The JDBC driver that is available
for the beta program is built from this source code.


Changes made to the 0.5.0 branch just described may be applied here*. This is
a copy of Apache's Hive trunk. We version against this so we can track our
changes as they are submitted, reviewed and commented on and resubmitted.

The "vendor" branch contains unchanged source code from Apache. We use this to
merge in changes made to Apache Trunk and so we have an unchanged copy of 0.5.0.

* Changes may be applied?

Apache Hive has many contributors working against their trunk. Many of
the changes we made to the 0.5.0 branch have already been contributed
to Apache.

Hope I did not bore you,