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Thread: Problem with database join step with parameters

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    Default Problem with database join step with parameters

    Hi All,
    I dont know why query of my "database join" step is not generating the output at "modified java script step"
    I have attached the corresponding KTR file.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Here are some tips:

    1. In your first "Modified Java Script Value" step, if you want to overwrite "city" in the Fields section at the bottom, you need Fieldname=city, Type=String and Replace value = Y

    2. In your 2nd "Modified Java Script Value" step, Field1 does not exist in the stream. Look at the "input fields" list on the right hand side to see what fields you can use.

    3. In your "Database Join" step, if you want to retrieve the count, then give it an alias in your SQL e.g. Select COUNT(country_id) AS country_count

    But I'm not quite sure exactly what you're trying to do. If you can explain, then someone might be able to suggest a better way.

    Good luck & have fun!

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    Hi ,
    Thanks for reply. Let me tell yuo my business requirenment.
    I want to check in the database that the output of "replace in string " step should be input to first javascript step and the javascript step will modify that input and give the city as a parameter to "database join" step.

    E.g. consider my output of modified java script step is 'city1','city2','city3' so now i want to check whether these three cities exists in the database. For this i am using the query in "database join" step.
    But the problem is the second modified javascript step is not generating the expected value.

    I tried the steps which you have mentioned above but unfortunately it is not working for me
    Any solution any workaround available will certainly help me a lot.

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