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Thread: PRPT bundles and the BI Server

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    Default PRPT bundles and the BI Server

    Greetings. I'm a Pentaho noob, and I'm creating a multi-tenancy application, wherein I'd like each customer to be able to create and execute reports with a flexible output target. Rather than having each customer deploy a desktop app, we decided that the BI Server is the ideal vehicle for permitting customers to create their own reports. However, we want those reports to be delivered "in context" i.e. while within the business application, not in BI Server. The business app will communicate with BI Server behind the scenes to deliver report content.

    The difficulty I'm having is that the report artifacts (xaction files) created in the BI server do not support output-targets. Is it possible to have the BI server create PRPT bundles, as they have the flexibility that I require?

    Ideas, anyone?
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    Hello !

    I'm not sure I understand your question.

    From 3.5 and above, when you create reports, the format is prpt. If you design the report with Report Designer, the only option is the prpt format.

    Why are you using xAction files ?

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    @jgenoes: What is it that you want to do. Is your application a desktop application or a web-application. And if it is a web-application, then why dont you simply play proxy and forward all calls to either the xaction handler or the reporting-plugin to get your PDF or whatever file you need?

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