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Thread: Calculate mininum between two column dates

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    Default Calculate mininum between two column dates

    I have a table with 2 fields (date type) and i want to create a new field with the mininum date of the two columns.
    I used the Formula Step with the formula: Min([field1];[field2]) and select date as value type but give me an error. If i choose number as value type it returns data in this format(39725).
    Any suggestions how to solve this problem are welcome.

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    Hi there,

    you should be able to select the minimum right from the DB. Most databases support date arithmetic so something like the following should work.

    SELECT dat1,dat2,LEAST(dat1,dat2) as min_date FROM mytable;

    If the LEAST function is not available in your RDBMS you can use something like that:

    SELECT dat1,dat2,CASE WHEN dat1<dat2 THEN dat1 ELSE dat2 END AS min_date FROM mytable;

    The case statement should be more compatible. You might have to check whether the < operator works as expected for date types, and adjust respectively.

    If you still want to do it in Kettle, I've attached a sample to show how to do it using a custom java expression


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