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Thread: cannot find connector.

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    Default cannot find connector.

    I have just started with pentaho data integration. I have creted two transformation. now I am trying to run it using job
    sequence is start->ttrans1->ttrans2.
    actually problem is I am not able to connect start with trans1 and trans 1 with trans2because by dragging it is not connecting . while creating transformation was the same problem but i used hop and connected. but in JOB i cannot find hop . is there sthng like hop in job so dat i can connect .

    its such a basic of basic but this is killing me . plz help

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    hi I just got the answer through tips available in data - integration.its clicking on the middle of 1st and then dragging it to second .
    ny other way then plz reply.

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    Hi ritu,

    You can also left-click to select the 1st step, Ctrl + left-click to also select the second step, right-click the second step and choose "New hop" from the context menu.

    But I find middle-click and drag much more convenient - I'd stick with that.


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    not to mention that 4.0 gives you mouse-over hints and drag/drop connectors to use.

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    yeah deue to these problem I have started using PDI 4.0 version . It has easy way out features.

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