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Thread: Result of Select Values

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    Default Result of Select Values

    I developed the PDI version 3.2.3 on the Windows platform. And ran smoothly.

    I am running on version 3.2.3 and 4.0 on the Linux platform:

    The step CSV file input is linked in the Select values step.

    The Step CSV file input:
    Reading this Step is correct, as can be seen the configuration and the result in figures: CSV Input.png, and CSV-Examine preview data.png.

    The Step Select values:
    The configuration and the result of Step can be seen in figures: Select - Rename values.png, and Select values - examines preview data.png.

    This result is not returned 9,999,999.99 in the last row. Why?

    Thank you.

    Sort by posting the pictures:
    1) CSV Input.png
    2) CSV-Examine preview data.png
    3) Select - Rename values.png
    4) Select values-Examine preview data.png
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    Who can help me?

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    Hi there,

    would it help to specify the decimal and grouping symbols manually (in the csv or select values step)?
    . is the grouping symbol and , is the decimal symbol for your input, if I understand the screenshots correctly.

    you may also consider setting the format string when converting your number. For your input #.## seems about right.

    If nothing helps you could attach a self-contained example that shows the issue (use generate rows or attached csv sample file). I'd be glad to have a look at it.


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    you ran on what operating system?

    I think it is more understandable with files attached.
    I would like the values that are in the csv file, go out in the Dummy step.

    Note: But, I point out that there is a difference by running Windows and Linux.

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    Hi there,

    I've added the correct decimal and grouping symbols and now it works for me on 3.2 and 4.0 alike, unless I am missing something. Results are attached.

    All the best

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