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Thread: Does PDI CE has any encryption algorithms embedded in the download?

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    Default Does PDI CE has any encryption algorithms embedded in the download?

    We are planning to include Pentaho open source community edition (and upgrade to EE edition) in our trial software and wanted to find out if PDI 3.2.x has any ENCRYPTION ALGORITHMS. If it does, then please note that appropriate US Government permissions must be obtained for export.

    I looked at these built -in plug-ins where I suspect https data or password encryption possibly used, but could not track down any SSL libraries to support my claim. If you have any ideas or could please confirm that we do include encryption algorithms, that would be really great.

    Amazon S3 CSV input
    Salesforce uses HTTPS
    Jetty Password encryption algorithm

    Thank you so much for any help.

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    Hi there,

    Kettle ships with the jsch library for example. You'll find the jar in the libext folder. This is a SSH2 implementation, which should pass for an "encryption algorithm" by most standards, I guess.

    Hope that helps



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    Is this the only one which we should be caring off as off now.
    Are there any more third party jars which is getting used in 3.2.4 version.

    -Thanks & Regards

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    Most if not all of the encryption logic (including SFTP, HTTPS, etc) comes from the Java Runtime Environment, not Kettle.

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