hello everybody,

I am trying to understand how to do the following in Spoon 3.1.0:

I have a mysqldump for each day containing certain data. I would like to setup aprocess in PDI to read the filenames and execute them one after the other. the data goes into a mysql db.

I setup a job with the step "add file names to result" and piped it into a step "sql". the documentation is very short and the step is very confusing in my eyes:

should I tick "sql from file" and enter a variable to point to the filename from the previous step and if so what would be the name of the variable for the filename. (the transformation step "execute sql script" looks similar and the purpose is similar, but has other functionality, for example to display the fields from the filenames).

or should I untick "sql from file" and enter the variable name where usually the script code would go.

all I tried did not work for me. I hope someone can give me a hand.