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Thread: How to get a field from a SQL Script

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    Default How to get a field from a SQL Script

    Hello Everyone

    I have the Following Flow:

    Table Input -> SQL Script -> Table Output,

    Using the Table Input I get 10 Fields from one database.
    Using SQL Scrip I get the maximum of a field from another table using 5 of the 10 parametes from the table input in the "WHERE field1 = ? and field2 = ? and field3 = ? and field4 = ? and field5 = ?"

    Then in the Table Output I'm supposed to Insert all 11 fields. but I never got the field from the SQL SCRIPT, it dosen't come in the stream.

    Some Screenshots

    What I'm doing wrong?


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    Try replacing that step with a database join step.
    As far as I know, the execute sql script step is not intended to return new columns (maybe I'm wrong, but in these cases, I use other steps, so I'm not sure)

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    I suggest u to use join.
    table input
    ->join ->tableoutput
    table input1
    in this way u will easily get the data from two tables and finally output.

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