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Thread: LDAP input step - defining search scope

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    Default LDAP input step - defining search scope


    I have a question in the usage of the LDAP Input step. I'm using PDI version 3.2.

    I'm querying an LDAP server with a search base (ou=aa,o=bb,c=nl). I'm interested in the ou values on this level, so my filter specifies 'ou=*'. The results is containing the ou values on the specified search base level as well as the ones in all of the sublevels.

    The LDAP specification (RFC1959) specifies the use of a 'scope' in relation to the search base, which can be 'base', 'one' or 'sub'. This scope parameter can be used to limit the depth of the LDAP query search results. In my situation 'base' is the correct value of the scope because then no subtrees are being searched.

    My questions:
    - Is there a way to limit the query depth, only to the base level of the LDAP tree specified by the 'search base' field of the LDAP step;
    - Is there a possible thought for a work-around?

    Thanks and regards,

    Rob van Winden

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    Hi Rob,

    The default value is 'sub' for Kettle.
    Please feel free to raise a Jira to allow user changing this setting.

    Take care


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