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Thread: Kettle and Eclipse (and Transormation in a webapp)

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    Question Kettle and Eclipse (and Transormation in a webapp)

    I'm trying to put a Kettle Transformation in a web app developed in Eclipse. But I have a problem with the plugin loader: the KettleEnvironment initialization scans the "plugins" directory searching for annotated JAR and it scan the Eclipse's plugin directory which contains A LOT of jar and Tomcat start in 6 minutes because of this.
    Is there a way to chenge the plugin directory scanned by Kettle at startup? Is there a way someone use to bypass this problem?
    I hope this problem can be solved


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    Ok, I found the solution. I post because can help other people:
    you need to put "-DKETTLE_PLUGIN_BASE_FOLDERS=C:/pdi-ce-4.0.0-stable/data-integration/plugins,[other directories]" in VM arguments lauching Tomcat.


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