Dear Kettle developers,

At least in my mind, the Kettle Java API is reasonably easy to work with and
However, I do realize that there is a serious lack of examples and
documentation before we can start to really cater to Java developers out
The new book Pentaho Kettle Solutions takes a stab at this for as far as the
basics are concerned (plugin development, running xforms and jobs, and so
on) but we realize that a lot more is needed.

So here is my invitation to tell us what you need as far as the ultimate
Kettle Software Development Kit is needed.
What do you need in terms of examples and documentation?

Beyond that, how can we make the Kettle API easier to work with. There have
been initiatives like the CDA (Community Data Access) project that leverage
Kettle through what you might call transformation assemblers for Pentaho
reporting. How about a pure Kettle API? I've been prototyping code like
the following:

DataService service = new DataService();

// Add a step to the services that reads a CSV file...
service.add( new StepDataSource("ID_CSV", createCsvInputStep()) );

// Add a SQL data source that reads from a database...
service.add( new SqlDataSource("ID_SQL", "SELECT id, gender FROM
gender", getGenderDatabaseMeta())) ;

// Now explain to the service that these 2 data sources need to be
service.add( new MemoryLookupDataOperation( "ID_LOOKUP",
"ID_CSV", new String[] { "id", },
"ID_SQL", new String[] { "id", },
new String[] { "gender", } ) );

TransMeta transMeta = service.generateTransMeta("ID_TRANS");
List<Object[]> rows = service.getRows("ID_LOOKUP");

Would that be something you guys are interested in? What sort of
functionality would you like to see from the Kettle Java API.


Matt Casters <mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org>
Chief Data Integration
Pentaho : The Commercial Open Source Alternative for Business Intelligence

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