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Thread: Pentaho 3.6 with Birt 2.6

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    Default Pentaho 3.6 with Birt 2.6

    Hi everybody
    I've installed pentaho 3.6 with birt server 2.6, but i can't see neither pdf reports nor chart reports
    Anyone could help??
    Thanks in advance

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    Default there's a workaround

    The integration between birt and pentaho have some lacks...

    Anyway there is a workaround you can follow.

    from your nickname i supose you understand spanish....

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    dmoran Guest


    Here is another BIRT integration by Bart Maertens:

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    Hello again

    I've tried stratebi solution before (yes, i'm spanish :P), but when i use it with java 1.5 i've got some problems with the class version and pentaho doesn't run. When i try it with java 1.6 pentaho and graphic reports run but pdf reports are blank.

    So I've tried dmoran's one and it works fine!!

    Thank you very much!!

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