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Thread: Listing of all the community projects

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    Default Listing of all the community projects

    There have been discussions in the IRC about how to get a handle on all the community projects that are out there. Some suggestions have been a forge, Hudson, create a project page, automate scraping info from other forges.

    In an effort to at least identify what projects are out there I thought it would be good to capture that info here. We can update the page and keep working toward a final solution.

    Here is my list of projects that I know about - does anyone know of others. Also, if you are a leader of one of them, please weigh in on how we can best help get the word out about your project.

    Active Community Projects:

    CCC –
    Community Chart Components

    Community Dashboard Framework for the Pentaho BI Platform

    PAT - Next generation open source analytics

    Community Data Access for Pentaho

    Kettle-Cookbook is a auto-documentation tool for Kettle, a.k.a. Pentaho Data Integration.

    La_Azada Updated 2010-08-21
    La_Azada is an Olap client developed in java (Eclipse Rich Client Application), and based on Olap4j. Supports mondrian and XMLA drivers.

    Eclipse BIRT Integration with Pentaho, doc and code (not really open community but I’d like it to be)

    Allows you to update a Solr Index via Kettle

    JDBC Driver interface to Kettle Transformations / Jobs

    The Kettle Franchising Factory (KFF)

    GeoKettle is a "spatially-enabled" version of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)

    GeoMondrian is a "spatially-enabled" version of Mondrian

    Kettle QRCode generator

    kettlepentahoalfrescoplugin /p/kettlepentahoalfrescoplugin/
    Kettle Pentaho plugin to load data into Alfresco repository using Alfresco API

    Programmatic creation and execution of Pentaho Data Integration transformations

    Kettle GeoCoding plugin

    Pentaho GUI editor Updated 2010-04-11
    The Pentaho GUI editor is based on the "dead" project PentahoLooker.

    PaloKettlePlugin Updated 2010-06-28
    PaloKettlePlugin is for Pentaho Data Integration aka Kettle.

    Using Yahoo User Interface objects with Pentaho BI Platform

    May be inactive Community Projects but not sure:

    Ramsetcube for Pentaho(C) & Mondrian(C) Updated 2009-07-20
    Ramsetcube is a powerful and easy to use cube designer aimed to help create and build OLAP schemas.

    ADempiere Compiere Kettle or PDI Updated 2009-06-26
    Templates for integrating the data structures of Compiere, Openbravo or ADempiere for all kind of Pentaho Data Integration processes.

    PDI Releases Updated 2009-03-21
    The aim of this project is to publish releases of Pentaho Data Integration not provided by

    Rubik Updated 2009-01-22
    JRubik is a set of tools for navigating and reporting over OLAP Datasources, mainly Mondrian and XMLA servers.

    webstat Updated 2009-04-29
    A Flex/java based system for presenting statistics over the net. Based on Mondrian backend.

    Proposed community projects:

    Visual BI Reports
    Ingres Pentaho BI reporting tool

    Geeampiere is a Open Source ERP , CRM , SCM , HRMS with Integrated Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions. Geeampiere is a integration of Adempiere and Pentaho with best web gui.

    Community Projects by Pentaho Devs:

    GWT-based Action Sequence designer plugin for the Pentaho User Console /p/pentaho-asd/

    pentaho-actionsequence-dom-4gwt /p/pentaho-actionsequence-dom-4gwt/
    Pentaho Action Sequence DOM 4 GWT /p/pentaho-actionsequence-dom-4gwt/

    pentaho-android /p/pentaho-android/
    The Pentaho BI Platform meets the Android Mobile OS! /p/pentaho-android/

    Community Projects we pulled completely into platform:

    DEAD PROJECT - DO NOT USE!!!! /p/pentahoflashcharts/

    An alternative to the default Pentaho PCI-demo application /p/mantle/
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    You forgot at least CDE:
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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    Dear Team,

    I am new to Mobile BI. I am trying with Android dev. and iPhone could your please help me how to do ?.

    share your idea or tutorial or guide.


    How to test iPhone Simulator. Please share Demo URL with Username & Password.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Rajesh. S

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajesh_s76 View Post
    Dear Team,I am new to Mobile BI. I am trying with Android dev. and iPhone could your please help me how to do ?. share your idea or tutorial or guide. iPhone/Android: How to test iPhone Simulator. Please share Demo URL with Username & Password.
    You didn't decide what platform is better or wish to use both of them?
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