I have a metadata model I've been using & editing for some time. As far as I can tell, it is working well - all my PRD reports run on the BI Server machine with the modified .xmi file, as do Ad-Hoc reports.

When I right-click to edit a business table, the PME application becomes unresponsive for a long time (several minutes) before the edit dialog comes up. My PC is not RAM constrained or CPU bound during this delay (2.7GB of 4, 6-8% CPU use).

Once the Business Table Properties dialog is open, clicking between fields is also unbearable slow (literally it takes minutes to change selected column).

I imported one of the sample .xmi files, and can edit those business tables with little or no delay before the edit dialog boxes appear.

Can anyone explain why the dialog box appearance is so pokey? I've downloaded 3.7GA PME, would installing that help? My .xmi is about 290Kb, uses row level security.

Any ideas? I have some calculated fields to add and this makes editing & testing nearly impossible. Thank you!