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Thread: Manual Deployments going away - feedback requested

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    Default Manual Deployments going away - feedback requested

    I'd like to take a sensus to see who is using the manual deployments method of BIServer deployment. If you don't know what this is, then that just adds fuel to the fire that we don't actually need this anymore.

    What most of us are accustomed to is what we at Pentaho call the "archive assembly", that's the prebundled Tomcat + BIServer archive.

    Some might also use what we call "manual deployments" which is essentially an SDK which allows you, through Ant scripts, to generate war files for the BIServer for various other combinations of environments, including JBoss and other RDBMS's. The manual deployments proceedures are typically thought of as cumbersome which is why we are polling to see if anyone really really loves manual deployments and can't live without it.

    In it's place we are considering just providing migration instructions for how to transform an archive assembly (Tomcat / HSQL/MySQL) into a deployment geared for other target application servers and DBs.


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    We do not use manual deployment.

    I usually download the new bundled bersion and move my config files and custom stuff to the new version.
    This is not perfect either since sometime some config files change.

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    The down side of the bundled version is mostly that you have to adjust the ports and IP's in the configuration and make sure the ports don't conflict with any other servers you run on the same machine. Ideally, I'd like to see an apache proxy config documentented that would let you proxy /pentaho transparently to any port, hiding this from users and making it easier to work where firewalls block everything but port 80. A 'fill in the form' setup with the most likely config changes (JAVA_HOME, IP's, ports, etc.) so you didn't need to know the files to edit would help a lot too, as would a convention of symlinking a tree of your local reports, etc. into the the view the server displays instead of making you copy them into place after each update.

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    We are currently using a manual deployment on JBoss with a mysql database and LDAP configured through Active Directory. It's been a very time-consuming process with a lot of documentation-writing. What would this mean for us if manual deployments go away?

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    We used to use the manual deployment due to customizations for the LnF, CAS and other non standard items but find it easier to just use the installer and then run a diff on the files that we customize. As previously mentioned, it would be nice to be able to specify specific ports during installation rather than rely on the installer to pick the next available port it THINKS it should use.
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    Will that have any implications with CBF?
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