You may not know what Saiku is. You may know it by the old name - PAT (or Pentaho Analysis Tool). And even if doesn't ring a bell, I can tell you it's going to be the 21st century replacement for JPivot as the de facto Open Source OLAP navigator client.

The Saiku team recently did a contest to get a new logo designed to it.

As self-nominated #1 dashboard experts of the entire solar system (including Pluto, that will always be a planet in my book!) we had to enter that contest. After 49345 entries and iterations, guess what? We won, with the logo you see in this post! (and by we, I don't mean me, I mean our UI expert, Nuno Moreira).

In the true open source spirit, Webdetails decided to donate the prize to an opensource project. After a lot of investigation and discussion we chose to donate it to - drums roll - the Saiku project!

So now, Tom, Paul and all of you that work on the project, now that you are earning the big bucks, just give us version 1.0! Keep an eye on Tom Barber's blog for updates. In the meanwhile, all we have is the teaser: