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Thread: basic question about value mapper

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    Default basic question about value mapper

    Hello. I am startingto do some transformations in PDI.
    I wanted to change the value of a field upon certain conditions.
    Example: in the field "dhd_ser" i want the value "fact" to become "fict".
    Here is the transformation i did.
    table input > value mapper
    when i run the transformation with a preview, i see the "new" values on the proper field.

    But when i check the results in my database, everything seems to be unaltered.

    any help woyuld be very appreciated.

    PS - i am using pentaho community edition 4.01
    database is running in mysql
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    You are transforming the data with the value mapper but you are not sending this data anywhere. If you want to modify the values in your database you need to use a "Table output" step after the "value mapping". I have attached an example, the conexion and the table is specified. In this case you only need to define the mappings in "Database fields" tab of "Table output" step.
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    Thank you.

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