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Thread: 3 quick evaluation questions??

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    Default 3 quick evaluation questions??

    Hi all, I have 3 questions I would really appreciate answers to in relation to Pentaho funcationality:
    Can jobs(data imports to SQL Server) be scheduled to run at specific times?
    Can jobs be scheduled to run when files in a directory are created or updated?
    I have seen examples of the logging available which seems to be really good but im just wondering if the logging is available in the scheduling of jobs??

    Any help or advice would be really helpful, thanks in advance..

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    1. In 4.0 and 4.1 you can create a job and use the START step to set up scheduling.
    2. Yes, in the Job there is a step called "Wait for file" (File management). Don't know about the update.
    3. Don't know


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    Hi Tim,

    regarding your third question:
    Until now I scheduled my jobs using the pan/kitchen executables and the system-integrated scheduler (Windows: scheduled tasks; Unix: cron)
    When using pan/kitchen you can specifiy /LOGFILE to log the output into a file... also: the output to STDOUT can be redirected, creating a logfile as well....

    Does this answer your question?

    Best regards,


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    thanks for taking the time to reply guys it very much appreciated, this seems to have answered my intial questions anyway ...

    I have managed to get a very basic import working and I am now trying to introduce variables but I am having trouble finding any documentation about the use of variables and more specifically how to copy values from a csv/text row to variables, any ideas where I would find this info??

    thanks again

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    basically, you set variables in a transformation from a field of your data. Just prepare your data using the input and transformation steps, ideally make sure that the result is only one row, and insert a "Set variables" step at the end. The fields of your row will be available for being set as variables.

    The variables you are setting in a transformation are only visible later, e. g. in the parent job and subsequent transformations in the same job.

    Of course, you can also set variables (constants) in the PDI configuration file, or when calling Pan and Kitchen from the command line, or when executing jobs and transformations in Spoon.

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