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Thread: Help on Database Lookup/Update (SCD Type 2)

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    Default Help on Database Lookup/Update (SCD Type 2)

    Version - 4.1.1 GA Spoon - windows

    We are using Dimension Lookup/Update step (SCD Type 2). In the Fields tab we have 3 fields listed say field A, B and C and all have "type of dimension update" as "Insert". Everything is ok till now. However we have 4th field say field D. Now consider the below cases:
    1> One of the fields from A,B or C changes and D does or does not change - We want a new record to be inserted with all the values A,B,C,D
    2> None of the fields from A,B,C change but D changes - We don't want to insert a new record and also don't want to update any existing one.

    How can we achieve this?

    thanks in advace for your help!

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    There are a few ways you can do this.
    It also depends on how you have your data organized.
    If those records share unique ids, its a bit simpler.

    I've attached two transformations that should give you an idea. One considers unique id's, the other compares the key values (A, B and C).


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