Hi All.
I'm working for las 3 years with Pentaho as a consultant. So i speak with many people about Pentaho.

One of the most usual topics i find on my work is people who start with Pentaho feel lost with so many development tools (PDI,Report Designer, Schema Workbench,...)

Last summer i wanted to refresh my knowlegde with Swing. So i thought... let's make a common entry point to all the Pentaho Applications to help to all this new developers.

So i made Pentaho Launcher. A common entry point to all Pentaho Applications. Technically not really complicated but really useful to all this people who start with Pentaho.


After some time testing it i think it is enough stable to be used.

The code is available, as you can guest, at google code and it is released under GPL license.

This is my first contribution and I hope it will be useful. Enjoy it.

Juanjo Ortilles