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Thread: Spoon crashes during edit

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    Default Spoon crashes during edit

    Spoon keeps closing abruptly (crashes?) when I am moving around several icons while editing a job. I thought it migh be due to database or whatnot, but it just happened while I was working on a template which had nothing in it but a bunch of entries and hops. This happens pretty frequently and since I lose my work, it is annoying.

    Is there a log for spoon and if so, where is it usually so I can research what happened?

    Has anyone else had the UI simply exit while editing a job?

    Windows XP SP3
    pdi-ee-4.1.0-GA (build date 2010-11-09 17.25.12)

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    I never had this problem, but considering what you said about moving around several icons, try editing your spoon.bat and increasing Xmx and Xms values.
    By default, I believe they're 512 and 256 respectively, so try increasing to 1024 and 512 try moving those icons again.



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    To see what is happening in spoon, edit the spoon.bat file and change javaw to java. This will give you a console. One the last line remove [start "Spoon" ] and add a pause to the end of the script. This will allow you to see what happens even after it crashes.

    Try upgrading to 4.1.1 as well, there were some pretty good fixes, 4.1.2 should be out very soon and that one has even more fixes that help with UI performance in transformations with logging enabled.

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