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Thread: Dynamic Table Output

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    Default Dynamic Table Output

    Hi all,

    Once again I return to this wonderful fountain of wisdom to gain more knowledge about this BI tool.

    I've found myself in quite a problem. I have a job that ends in a Table Output to a User Dimension on my Data Mart.

    However, the fields that are inserted in this User Dimension are dynamically generated in a transformation previous to this job.

    How can I do this table output with some of its fields dynamically generated?

    Thanks in advance,

    --jr, Portugal
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    You don't need to specify the column names in the Table Output.
    If you use the same name names in your transformation columns as they are used in the table, you should be fine.

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    I don't understand. If I don't specify the column names, nothing gets loaded to the datamart. I tried not to specify them, and I got no error. But when I visualized the database I only had the Auto Incremented mysql generated column.

    Edit: And the destiny table is empty. Because I don't know how many variable columns I have, neither the max amount of them.

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    Perhaps the rows being offered to the "Table Output" step were empty then.
    If it were really completely dynamic you could also try a "Select Values" step in a templated transformation together with the metadata injection step (PDI >= 4.1.0)

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