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Thread: Problem with Insert/Update from Excel into Mysql table

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    Unhappy Problem with Insert/Update from Excel into Mysql table

    Hi people,

    This is my first post to this forum. I am totally new to Kettle and its functionality.

    I have a problem with Insert/Update function in Kettle. I am trying to migrate data from an excel sheet into a table in MySql periodically.

    Though i managed to make the transformation and enclosed it in a job and ran it.. i have problems.

    My excel sheets dont have any unique key and everyday they are updated. I do not know how to bypass this problem. I tried to create a primary key[ auto increment] in db table and migrate, but its of no use. Everytime the job executes data is getting RE-INSERTED resulting in duplicate records.

    Please help me to solve this problem.
    My excel sheet fields are

    Resource Date Development training Kt Meeting Idle

    My table Fields are

    SerialNumber Resource Date Development training Kt Meeting Idle

    Please help me out to solve the problem of data redundancy.

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    You either have to specify an alternate key, for example form the combination [resource], [date", or any other combination o unique fields which are not being updated, or if this is not an option you need to use the "Table output" step and tick the "truncate table" box. The latter will reload the complete table each time you run your job.

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