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Thread: How to peer review job/transformation changes?

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    Default How to peer review job/transformation changes?


    Our team aims to do peer review for any changes before release. With code we use Review Board ( )

    Does someone have any recommendations or ideas how to do similar review with Pentaho Data Integration jobs and transformations?


    Tero Pikala

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    In case you're using PDI-EE, I believe they have some sort of version control.
    If you're a community user, then you can use svn, or your favorite tool, to keep track of your changes.
    The bad side in the ce version, is that you'll have to compare xmls (plain text), instead of a visual representations (like spoon).
    And if you're using PDI 4 or newer, use the Kettle file repository to help you organize your stuff.

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    I for one would be interested in knowing what your needs exactly are.
    Collaboration in BI is supposed to be the next big thing and I believe it.
    Adding workflow to the Pentaho enterprise repository would allow for a lot of interesting things. For now we architected the repository back-end to support it in the future but since it adds a lot of complexity didn't implement it yet.

    So again, feel free to create a JIRA case with your exact wishes as far as peer reviewing is concerned.



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    Default Added JIRA issue PDI-5305

    Thanks for replies!

    I created JIRA issue PDI-5305 with couple of ideas. Unfortunately that's pretty much everything I can think of for now.

    Tero Pikala

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    We use subversion, trac, and Beyond Compare (on windows) for change management and review. We set up a workflow in trac that has steps for QA and User acceptance.

    We use Cognos BI for our front end and check in our cognos framework model files and report xml files. We use the subversion hooks in trac to restrict/view changes made to files. That way all changes to any files associated with a given ticket are tagged.

    The differencing on trac and in Beyond Compare are not visual, but for the most part, the differences are easily discerned by looking at the xml in the differencer.

    Jon Roberts

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