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Thread: Improvements for EXCEL input file

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    Default Improvements for EXCEL input file

    Hi everybody,

    With kettle 4.1.1, the management of the sheets by EXCEL input step is not efficient if the names of the sheets are not known at the moment you configure the step.

    It would be fine if the EXCEL input step could allow regexp expressions, variable or parameter in the list of sheets to read instead of an hard coded name.

    It would also be fine if the EXCEL input step could optionally reject a sheet which is not in the list.

    I know that several posts have been written for those kind of improvements but a long time ago (2007, 2008). Any hope for the next version ?


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    It all starts either by filing a JIRA request or by voting for an existing case ;-)

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    Check out this Excel plugin written by Slawomir Chodnicki too.

    He might be interested in improvement suggestions as well... not sure.

    But beyond that, as has been said, find or create a Jira.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    The EXCEL writer step seems great but my purpose was to suggest improvement for EXCEL INPUT step.
    The EXCEL writer step plugin is an output step.

    As suggested I have created a JIRA request.

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