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Thread: Importing jobs and transformations

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    Default Importing jobs and transformations

    Through 'File / Export / Linked Resources to XML...' I can export a job and all the components inside. This creates a zip file in the selected directory.
    But how can I import such a zip file?
    It seems I have to import each job and transformation separately.

    I have updated jobs and transformation to build a dimension. Now I want to export this and import it in production. So I would like the easiest way to import the chages to production, not having to import each job and transformation separately.


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    From the dialog that pops up...
    This resource and all linked resources have been exported to ZIP file [c:\temp\].
    Relative paths to referenced input files have been altered as we had the change the references to an absolute path inside a parameter in the various steps.
    Note: the absolute path is set as the default for the generated parameters.

    This resource can be executed inside the exported ZIP file without extraction.
    You can do this by executing the following command:

    Kitchen.bat /file:"zip:file:///C:/temp/!MyJob.kjb"
    Please note that you can open this file with File/Open file from URL. Enter this URL to open it:


    Finally, a new File Repository was added with a link to this ZIP file.
    You can run the job from the command line...

    Also, in Spoon, there is an "Import Repository" option, which will let you load the ZIP file to your production repository.
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    The "Import repository" gives me an error: Content is not allowed in prolog.
    Using the URL I can again only open one file at a time.
    It would be nice to select the zip file for import, and that PDI woudl tell me for each item inside if it is aready in the repository, and if it has changed, or that it is new. I could then import only the items that have changed or are new.

    Is something like that possible?

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    In 3.2 it used to prompt you in case the Job/Transformation already existed.
    is it not doing that anymore?

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    It does, but it does not tell me if it has changed compared to the existing one. If it hasn't changed there's no need to import.
    Otherwise I have to manually note which jobs and transformations have changed in accept, and only import those in production.

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    I believe this sort of feature is only available on the EE version.
    On the other hand, if it hasn't changed, then there's no problem in overwriting it, right?

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    Export linked resources was specifically created to run complete jobs on remote servers. As such it slightly alters the ETL metadata to make this possible.

    For importing purposes into another repository simply use the Tools/Repository/Export menu (or the repository export job entry).



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    Quote Originally Posted by renatopb View Post
    I believe this sort of feature is only available on the EE version.
    On the other hand, if it hasn't changed, then there's no problem in overwriting it, right?
    Not really, only the database connections will have to be updated to read from prod instead of accept.
    I am using the EE version.

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    You could eliminate even that if you change your database connections to use variables defined in your, or switching them to a generic jdbc with jndi.
    Kettle comes with a SimpleJNDI thing that really helps.



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