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Thread: four bugs with Regex step

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    Smile four bugs with Regex step

    Please advise on what to do with these. Should they be one jira ticket or four?

    I plan to try to fix these myself. Should I submit the fix as one patch or four?


    1. regex tester capture box doesn't size properly

      Original size is one line, which is rarely adequate, and doesn't resize until the window is resized horizontally (!?). Even then, it sizes to the data rather than the window, causing the bottom of the box to sometimes be outside the window border with no scrollbar available. In the case of many matches (~15) the last entry is complete unviewable.

      Fix would be to make the box sized relative to the window, rather than the data, and ensure it has a scrollbar when necessary.
    2. regex tester doesn't handle null captures correctly

      If a regex-capture does not match (eg ".*(a)?" vs "abc") then the returning value is null, and the tester gives the error "Argument cannot be null".

      This is a very common regex pattern and should not be an error condition. Since kettle treats null values as empty string elsewhere, I believe (please confirm?) it makes sense to display an empty string as the match, rather than giving an error.
    3. doesn't populate new fields properly (overwrites from column 1)

      I'm seeing behavior when two regex steps are connected, the second regex step writes into the wrong fields, leaving the proper match columns blank. Example available on request.
    4. tester doesn't respect multiline option

      With long, complicated regular expressions, the multiline option (Content -> "permit whitespace and comments") is invaluable. This works during transformation, but the regex tester does not respect the setting causing incorrect results.

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    Four bugs should be fine :-)


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    Please post links to your JIRA's once they are created. I would be interested in following and voting for them.

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    Does anyone have handy guidelines or previous art for patch submission?
    I'm working on creating the four patches now.

    I'll probably post the one big patch here as well.

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    The patch I submitted here is broke, sorry.

    Please revert.

    Submitting a new one asap.


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    Sumitted complete patch:

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    Patches for issues 1/2/4 attached.

    To apply:

    patch -p0 < patches/regexhelper.nullcapture.patch
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    One last bug remaining. I have some questions though.

    Please comment:

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