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Thread: Running PDI 3.2 and 4.1 parallel ?

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    Default Running PDI 3.2 and 4.1 parallel ?

    Hi all,

    I want to run both PDI versions in parallel for some time. Reasons are very specific :-)

    What I am trying is to make a new configuration environment for V4.1 that only should take effect on 4.1 stuff.
    The 3.2 config schould not be touched and work until migration (or redesign) of this versions DB-Repository is done.

    I saw some postings about system variables for KETTLE_HOME and a file called kettle.l4j.ini but I don't think this solves my issues (btw. what is kettle.l4j.ini, where is it referenced, launched, it still part of PDi 4.1 ???)

    My questions are:
    are there proven ways to make a "not standard" configuration that will work on different servers (dev, test, prod) ?
    is it even possible to run two versions on the same server ?

    please give me some hints, links or, the best, the whole solution for my problem. :-)

    thank you


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    l4j = log 4 j

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    I've the same problem. In my solution I use two different set of environment variables, obviously two repositories and two installation, one for the 3.2 and one for the 4.1.

    In the shell script that call a job with kitchen, I use, a call to the proper environment variables file like:

    . /path_to_file/

    and the call to the job itself: -rep REPOS41 -user xxx -pass xxx -dir dddd -job 'jjjj' -logfile jjjj.log

    In this way 3.2. and 4.1 can go in parallel until my repository migration and test will be completed.

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    Hi mezzovento,

    this sounds to make sense.
    I was thinking about setting the KETTLE_HOME to my config-directory in my start-scripts and copying the .kettle contents from my home-directory to the new config-directory (I think only is neccessary, right ?)

    Because of very different environments in development, test and production I want to put the whole server- and db-connection information in variables. Good idea ?


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