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Thread: Can not load Null to Datetime field

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    Default Can not load Null to Datetime field


    I am getting a trouble loading Null value to a datetime field. If all the rows have data then it loads fine. But if some records are null then it gives and error saying, Conversion error ' string value can't converted to datetime field' Please help . i am fairly new to Pentaho. Please include what transformation I should use and how to get around with this problem.
    Appreciate help in advance

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    I would use a Filter Rows and remove any record where the date is null.
    Alternatively, you can replace NULLs with a dumb date, such as 1900/01/01.


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    The downside in adopting a dumb date would be adapting your system to ignore it.
    It's been recently posted something about a parameter that makes kettle treat '' != NULL. Maybe you wanna try that, too.

    BTW, are you loading data from your DB to a step, or from a step to DB?
    If you're loading from DB to step, I'd take it as a problem. If you're saving it to DB, then what Mick and I said, should help.



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