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Thread: Security Model for pentaho BI

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    Default Security Model for pentaho BI


    I would like to clarify the security model as a general rule in pentaho PUC platform.
    I created a report as joe (admin), granted all priviledges on the solutions folder to another user called control_user, but still control_user cannot see the published reports by joe.

    So I will add the question, are reports supposed to be seen by only those who publish them?
    I also guess the sames rule will apply to other type of components on the platform.


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    Usually, files inherit the ACL of a parent folder. However, in the case of published files, an ACL is not inherited but instead defined to allow exclusive access by the publisher (and admins). After publishing, you can remove all permissions from the published file, which signals that the ACL should be inherited. You can change this behavior (using Java) in DbBasedSolutionRepository.publish().

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