I'm new to the community. I don't know who to ask this for.
I've written a Hive dialect for mondrian and been testing it.
The DialectTest is passed, but it's still failing other tests.

>From what I can see it's still a long way to make an integration

of Hive and Mondrian practical.
1. It's really slow. It takes 1 or 2 days to run through all the tests,
a low end estimation. The latency is too big for most applications.
It might take some major architectural change on the Hive side to solve
this problem.
2. Hive ql is still at a rather immature stage, partly because it's not
really intended to be a full featured relational database. There are some
bugs too, like the join behavior is incorrect at the current trunk.

I know there is already a jira about it.
How can I submit the code? Thanks

Fu Hongwei

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