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Thread: [Mondrian] Build failed in Hudson: mondrian #955

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    Default [Mondrian] Build failed in Hudson: mondrian #955

    See <>


    [Luc Boudreau] MONDRIAN: [MONDRIAN-861]
    Moves the SegmentCache interface to the mondrian.spi package.
    Changes the default value of mondrian.rolap.SegmentCacheFailOnError to 'true'.
    Adds a mean to discover SegmentCache impls through the Java Services API.
    Extends the javadoc documentation on the segment cache and it's related classes.

    Started by an SCM change
    Building on master
    Using master perforce client:
    [workspace] $ p4 workspace -o
    Last sync'd change: 14103
    [workspace] $ p4 counter change
    [workspace] $ p4 -s changes //,@14106
    [workspace] $ p4 describe -s 14106
    Sync'ing workspace to changelist 14106.
    [workspace] $ p4 sync //
    Sync complete, took 1738 ms
    [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/tmp/
    + rm -Rf junit-results
    [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/tmp/
    + cp /build/resources/mondrian/cobertura_build.xml /build/resources/mondrian/common_build.xml <>
    [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/tmp/
    + echo export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.6.0_10
    + echo export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
    + echo /opt/ant1.7/bin/ant
    + chmod a+x <>
    [workspace] $ /opt/ant1.7/bin/ant -Dunix.script=<> clean-deep binzip workbench-dist
    Buildfile: build.xml






    [echo] Installing IVY...

    [echo] symlink=true
    [ivy:resolve] :: Ivy 2.1.0 - 20090925235825 :: ::
    [ivy:resolve] :: loading settings :: url = <>
    [ivy:resolve] :: resolving dependencies :: pentaho#mondrian-workbench;3.2-SNAPSHOT
    [ivy:resolve] confs: [default]
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-codec#commons-codec;1.2 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-httpclient#commons-httpclient;3.0.1 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-logging#commons-logging;1.0.3 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-lang#commons-lang;2.3 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-io#commons-io;1.3.2 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found jaxen#jaxen;1.1.1 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found dom4j#dom4j;1.6.1 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found msv#xsdlib;20030807 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found msv#relaxngDatatype;20030807 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found pull-parser#pull-parser;2 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found xpp3#xpp3; in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found stax#stax-api;1.0 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.02 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found jdom#jdom;1.0 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xom#xom;1.0 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xerces#xmlParserAPIs;2.6.2 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xalan#xalan;2.6.0 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found;2.6.1 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found junit#junit;4.0 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho#pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins;1.0.42455 in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho#pentaho-xul-core;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho#pentaho-xul-swing;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found commons-beanutils#commons-beanutils;1.6 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found org.codehaus.groovy#groovy-all;1.5.6 in default
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho#pentaho-database;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho.kettle#kettle-core;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho.kettle#kettle-db;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found pentaho.kettle#kettle-engine;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT in pentaho-rep
    [ivy:resolve] found xerces#xercesImpl;2.9.1 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.04 in public
    [ivy:resolve] found xml-resolver#xml-resolver;1.2 in ibiblio
    [ivy:resolve] downloading ...
    [ivy:resolve] ... (84kB)
    [ivy:resolve] .. (0kB)
    [ivy:resolve] downloading ...
    [ivy:resolve] ....... (177kB)
    [ivy:resolve] .. (0kB)
    [ivy:resolve] downloading ...
    [ivy:resolve] .. (42kB)
    [ivy:resolve] .. (0kB)
    [ivy:resolve] :: resolution report :: resolve 29646ms :: artifacts dl 1399ms
    [ivy:resolve] :: evicted modules:
    [ivy:resolve] junit#junit;3.8.1 by [junit#junit;4.0] in [default]
    [ivy:resolve] xml-apis#xml-apis;1.0.b2 by [xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.02] in [default]
    [ivy:resolve] jaxen#jaxen;1.1-beta-6 by [jaxen#jaxen;1.1.1] in [default]
    [ivy:resolve] xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.02 by [xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.04] in [default]
    [ivy:resolve] xerces#xercesImpl;2.6.2 by [xerces#xercesImpl;2.9.1] in [default]
    [ivy:resolve] xml-apis#xml-apis;2.0.2 by [xml-apis#xml-apis;1.3.02] in [default]
    | | modules || artifacts |
    | conf | number| search|dwnlded|evicted|| number|dwnlded|
    | default | 36 | 7 | 0 | 6 || 40 | 0 |
    [ivy:resolve] :: problems summary ::
    [ivy:resolve] :::: WARNINGS
    [ivy:resolve] [FAILED ] pentaho#pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins;1.0.42455!pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins.jar: impossible to move part file to definitive one: /home/tomcat/.ivy2/cache/pentaho/pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins/jars/pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins-1.0.42455.jar.part -> /home/tomcat/.ivy2/cache/pentaho/pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins/jars/pentaho-mondrianschemaworkbench-plugins-1.0.42455.jar (545ms)
    [ivy:resolve] [FAILED ] pentaho#pentaho-xul-swing;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT!pentaho-xul-swing.jar: /home/tomcat/.ivy2/cache/pentaho/pentaho-xul-swing/jars/pentaho-xul-swing-TRUNK-SNAPSHOT.jar.part (No such file or directory) (397ms)
    [ivy:resolve] [FAILED ] pentaho#pentaho-database;TRUNK-SNAPSHOT!pentaho-database.jar: /home/tomcat/.ivy2/cache/pentaho/pentaho-database/jars/pentaho-database-TRUNK-SNAPSHOT.jar.part (No such file or directory) (410ms)
    [ivy:resolve] :::: ERRORS
    [ivy:resolve] unknown resolver pentaho-chained-resolver
    [ivy:resolve] unknown resolver pentaho-chained-resolver
    [ivy:retrieve] :: retrieving :: pentaho#mondrian-workbench
    [ivy:retrieve] confs: [default]

    <>:364: impossible to ivy retrieve: java.lang.RuntimeException: problem during retrieve of pentaho#mondrian-workbench: java.text.ParseException: failed to parse report: /home/tomcat/.ivy2/cache/pentaho-mondrian-workbench-default.xml: Content is not allowed in trailing section.

    Total time: 45 seconds
    Archiving artifacts
    Recording test results
    Recording fingerprints
    Skipping Cobertura coverage report as build was not UNSTABLE or better ...

    Mondrian mailing list
    Mondrian (AT) pentaho (DOT) org

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    Default [Mondrian] Hudson build is back to normal : mondrian #956

    See <>

    Mondrian mailing list
    Mondrian (AT) pentaho (DOT) org

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