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Thread: BI Server Metadata Services

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    Default BI Server Metadata Services

    I'm trying out Metadata Services.
    I'm able to access all domains and all models published on BI Server.
    Given a domain and a model, I can access all elements which are related to a business view, like view id, view name, and all columns informations.
    But now I was wondering if it's possible to access elements that are NOT related to a particolar business view.. I mean physical tables and physical columns.

    Any suggests about this??

    Thank you!

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    One of the concepts behind the Metadata model is to hide the complexity of the physical tables and their relationships from the end user, meaning that they don't have to worry about it. If your intention is to understand how this metadata model was built, I suggest you download the metadata model editor from Sourceforge and open the metadata.xml file with it. Then you will see exactly which tables and columns are used in the metadata model.
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