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Thread: HELP: How Do I Store RegExp(Wildcards) in variables?

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    Default HELP: How Do I Store RegExp(Wildcards) in variables?

    I'm trying to use the Get File Names step to get a list of files in a folder. If I type this value: (?i)DATAFILE_101221.+\.CSV directly into the step, then it works.

    But if I store the same value in a variable and use the variable in the Get File Names step then it doesn't. What am I missing?

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    It should work.
    Did you check the scope of your variable?
    Could you attach the sample transformation?

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    Could it be the \.CSV instead of \\.CSV ?

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    Thanks for everyone's help. It turned out to be a logic problem. Fixed the problem and the process is picking up the files as desired.

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